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Medicine Melancholy



Medicine Melancholy

Alternate spellings:

Medicin Melancory




Manipulation of poison


Unknown, but young for a youkai




Nameless Hill


  • (Touhou 9) Silver-coloured eyes, blonde hair, wears a red dress. Has a red ribbon in her hair, and is accompanied by a tiny doll that mirrors her appearance.
  • (Touhou 9, alternative outfit) Same as above, but the red highlights in her dress are purple, and her dress is dark blue.






Medicine Melancholy is a doll youkai that lives on Nameless Hill surrounded by poisonous suzuran (lily of the valley) flowers. In Medicine's first appearance, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, she attacks the player with suzuran's poison for no apparent reason other than because they happened to be in her field. Because some of her attacks create clouds of poison in the player's side of the field which slow the player's movements and make dodging difficult she can be a very troublesome opponent to those that don't take care while near poison. Though supposedly not especially powerful or experienced among youkai, the fact that the right poison can affect even very strong people (or large numbers of people at once) makes her someone best avoided.

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  • It is sometimes assumed that "the tiny doll" might be her, who is in fact controlling the human shape beside her...the truth is yet to be seen.
  • The term Konparo (コンパロ) is associated with her, due to her having said "Konparo konparo, poison gathers" in her ending in PoFV. Konparo is an incorrectly abbreviated romanization of convalloside, a poison found in lily-of-the-valley flowers (it should have been Konbaro or Konvaro).
  • Though a playable character and opponent in one of the Touhou games, she tends to end up behind most Touhou Windows characters in popularity polls, and like Shizuha Aki and Minoriko Aki has become somewhat notable for her relative unpopularity.
  • She is sometimes depicted with Yuka Kazami in fanworks because they are both related to flowers.

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Phantasmagoria of Flower View - キャラ設定.txt編集

Medicine Melancholy POFV



  Medicine Melancholy















Little Sweet Poison

Medicine Melancholy

Species: Doll

Ability: Manipulation of poison

A doll thrown away into a lily-of-the-valley field; over the long years she became a youkai.

As only a few years have passed since then, she is a novice youkai.

Her ability is manipulating poison.

Certain kinds of ingredients, taken from a plant, can drive an animal mad. She learned that through experience, and established a method of manipulating humans as she pleases.

In addition, as she is not a living being, poison is harmless against her.

Dolls are usually manipulated by humans. Because of this, she wishes for doll emancipation, but there aren't many dolls who agree with her. To begin with, other dolls don't move on their own...

The lilies-of-the-valley, which weren't expected to bloom, have begun blooming all at once this year. In addition to that, even autumn flowers which weren't supposed to bloom are blooming too. She learned that there are many powers she has never seen in Gensokyo.

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Perfect Memento in Strict Sense編集

PMiSS medicine.jpg
Main article: Perfect Memento: Medicine Melancholy
  • Medicine is a very young youkai who has not yet matured mentally.
  • She is believed to originally be a large doll used in ventriloquism before becoming a youkai, and still has that form now.
  • After being left on Nameless Hill for a long time with poisonous flowers she gained the ability to control poison.
  • She puts poison on food, uses it to attack, and is probably covered in poison herself.
  • Even touching her will inflame your skin.
  • The poison she uses is not a single type, but could be any number of poisons and venoms.
  • Even strong youkai could be at risk from her poison, and it may cause after effects too.
  • It's feared that she may try to spread poison at the Human Village.
  • She hates humans, but pretending to be a human that also hates humans may spare you.
  • She has very limited experience dealing with humans and probably hasn't seen many or many at once.
  • No matter who she fights she lacks the experience to know when or if to hold back, and she will always fight at full force.
  • Her lack of experience is both her weakness and what makes more likely to attack with deadly force.
  • She's also less intelligent than a human.
  • Avoiding her is the best and safest thing to do.

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