Lotus Land Story

開発者 ZUN
発行者 Amusement Makers
ZUN Soft
発売 体験版:1998年7月2日
ジャンル 弾幕シューティング
ゲームプレイ ストーリーモード:1人
OS NEC PC-9800 / EPSON PC-486/586
動作環境 Intel 486 66MHz以上のCPU、2MB以上空きのあるハードディスク、EGC、PC-9801-86 (FM SOUND BOARD)、540KB以上のメモリ

東方幻想郷 ~ Lotus Land Story(とうほうげんそうきょう ロータスランドストーリー)は、東方Project第4弾として公開されたゲームです。(東方夢時空を除けば)2作品目の弾幕シューティングゲームとなります。 霧雨魔理沙を自機として本格的に使用できるようになった他、後の作品にも登場する幻想郷屈指の力を持った妖怪である幽香(風見幽香)が初登場します。

Following the events of the previous games, the magical land of Gensokyo is once again at peace...until, and to no one's great surprise, it isn't. Youkai begin to swarm the Hakurei Shrine and a tremendous power surges from beneath a lake high in the mountains. The shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei must once again seek out and eliminate the source of the disturbance, only on this occasion she'll unwittingly be joined by an old rival...

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Main article: Lotus Land Story: Gameplay (includes a more detailed description of the game and information on scoring)

Lotus Land Story features two different playable characters to choose from, with two different attack types each. Reimu Hakurei can pepper a wide area of the screen with weaker attacks, while Marisa Kirisame relies on her power to compensate for her narrower attack spread. The bombs (Spell Cards) also exhibit unique behavior and damage amounts depending upon the character chosen.

Lotus Land Story is the first game in the Touhou series to feature bombs that auto-collect items, graze counting, and a non-trivial scoring system that involves the collection of special dream items that boost the player's ultimate scoring potential. Lotus Land Story's scoring system also marks the series' first instance of score bonuses for the elimination of bullets following the defeat of mid-bosses and bosses.

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Main article: Lotus Land Story: Translation (includes the translated script and the manual)

All is well within Gensokyo, and just as the shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei is beginning to grow bored, a massive amount of youkai appear and begin to lay waste to the Hakurei Shrine. Although Reimu immediately sets about exterminating the invaders, she isn't able to compete against the sheer numbers of youkai. She determines that the creatures are emanating from a suspicious lake high in the mountains behind the shrine, and sets out in an attempt to staunch the flow and save the shrine from complete destruction. Around the same time, Marisa Kirisame, a powerful magician, senses a great energy lurking beneath the mountain lake and hurries toward it herself, fully intent on making the mysterious power her own. At the beginning, neither is aware of the other's activities.

Both characters easily plow through Orange, an ordinary youkai who was simply flying about the mountains, before arriving at the lake, which happens to be filled with blood. There they encounter a vampire named Kurumi who claims to be the guardian of the lake and battles them twice. After defeating her, they discover a vast chasm in an island at the center of the lake from which the mysterious power emanates. At the end of this passageway stands a dark mansion. Outside they find the scythe-wielding gatekeeper Elly, who explains that they are within the boundary between the real world and the dream world. She also reluctantly admits that the other character (Marisa, if you're playing as Reimu, or vice versa) has already defeated her and entered the mansion.

After braving the attacks of the mansion's housekeepers, who apparently aren't thrilled to have visitors, Reimu and Marisa finally meet in a dark chamber near to the center of the building. Reimu immediately accuses Marisa of planning something devious and demands that she leave, to which Marisa takes offense, and the two engage in an explosive duel. The victor demands that the other leave before continuing into the fantastic heart of the mansion. There the remaining protagonist accidentally awakens a sleepy youkai named Yuka who, despite her weariness, wields tremendously powerful attacks, not the least of which is the awesome Master Spark. After her defeat, Yuka panics, fleeing the area and forcing the heroine to give chase. In a star-filled dream world the final battle begins.

Some time later, the characters are bored and somehow stumble into another strange world, in which they encounter tremendously fierce enemies and the twin sisters Mugetsu and Gengetsu. Although they battle, it is ultimately a pointless affair.

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