The Highly Responsive to Prayers

開発者 ZUN
発行者 Amusement Makers
ZUN soft
発売 製品版: 1996年11月
ジャンル ブロック崩し
ゲームプレイ 1人プレイ ストーリーモード
OS NEC PC-9800 / EPSON PC-486/586
動作環境 Intel 486 33MHz以上のCPU, 3MB以上のハードディスク, EGC, PC-9801-86 (FM SOUND BOARD), 550KB以上のメモリ

東方靈異伝 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers. (とうほうれいいでん ジハイリーレスポンシブオブプライヤーズ 通称:靈異伝)は1996年に公開された東方Project最初のゲームです。以降に発表された東方作品とはまったく異なり、アルカノイドにも似た「ブロック崩し」という独特のシステムを採用しています。

Something has wrecked the Hakurei Shrine, and the resident Shrine Maiden isn't going to take it lying down. She charges through the gateway into another world, intent on locating and punishing the one responsible for the act. Although she isn't capable of harming her enemies directly, she wields an incredible weapon: the Hakurei Yin-Yang Orb. With it Reimu will be able to cut a bloody swath through all who stand before her...assuming that she can manage to control it!

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Main article: Highly Responsive to Prayers: Gameplay (includes a more detailed description of the game and information on scoring)

Highly Responsive to Prayers introduces the Shrine Maiden Reimu Hakurei, who frantically attempts to persuade a bouncing Yin-Yang ball to hit various on-screen targets, "cards" and "bosses" alike. Reimu can knock and maneuver the ball around by whacking it with her gohei, slide-tackling it, and firing shots at it. Enemies will be trying to hinder your progress by firing at you, but you can cancel out their shots with your own, or even deflect them by swinging your gohei. Only the Yin-Yang ball can damage the enemies, however, so simply firing your shots at enemies will have no effect whatsoever. As a last resort, Reimu can use a "bomb", once per life, to hit all cards on the screen. There is no guarantee that any given card will be hit. Bombs will often fail to damage a boss.

The game consists of several fixed-layout levels which increase in difficulty, with a boss fight occurring every fifth level. To complete a level, the player should disable all cards or strike the boss of that level a certain number of times. Reimu will lose one of her lives whenever she is hit by an enemy's bullet/laser/magic or gets hit by her own ball.

There are two selectable paths in the game: the Jigoku (Hell) path and the Makai (Demon World) path. Each route features unique stages, bosses, and endings.

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Main article: Highly Responsive to Prayers: Translation (includes the manual)

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