株式会社ボーダー商事・社歌 Public Holding Firm Border Incorporated - Company Song
アレンジ:D.watt  ボーカル:miko,あゆ,咲希  作詞:七条レタス


Oooooh Border Inc.!
Oooooh Border Inc.!

「えー 我々株式会社ボーダー商事は『遊惰(ゆうだ)な暮らしはスキマから』をモットーに幻想郷のみなさまのよりよい生活の為に尽力して いくことをここに決意するものであります。」

(And now, a few words from our founder, President Yukari.)
(Yes, we, the members of the Public Holding Firm Border Incorporated, hereby pledge to work to improve the living conditions of everyone in Gensokyo with "Better living through the use of borders" as our motto.)

何でもやるわよボーダー商事 図書館 道具屋 庭手入れ
始業の時間はおおむね 夕方日が暮れてから

We're Border, Inc. and we'll do anything - libraries, second-hand stores, garden maintenance
We usually start work in the evening, once the sun goes down


Our company's shikigami is a shikigami with cute tails
(They're all fluffy~)
She really does her best to be at our beck and call


Our company's shikigami is a shikigami that really flies through the sky
(What the~...)
Every time I threw her at that maid the other day, she hit spot on
(Business is all about speed!)


The order of naruto cakes we put in with Hakugyokurou was running late
When I went to inquire, I saw we were in trouble because they all got eaten
(Yuyuko, what's the meaning of this!?)
(Miss Yukari, calm down!)

スキマからあなたのニーズを先回り それが勝利の鉄則
目指すのよベターな妖怪ライフ 私たちのビジョン

Pulling your needs out of a border before you ask is our sole condition of victory
Aim for a better youkai life! That is our vision


(Your results are down this month, so I don't think you need wages.)
(No fair!)
(We'll gather up the spring, and launch a spring offensive!)
(We demand wage increases!)


(Ooooh Border Inc.!)

「んー真面目すぎるわね あれよ、社員教育が行き届いてないせいよ」

The gardener we'll send is a very cute gardener
She'll carve her joy at working for the company into your body
The gardener we'll send looks really nice with her hair in a bob
But if you try to make a grab for her bum she'll get mad and pull out her sword
(Hm ... that's a little too honest. Maybe because we didn't address that in employee training ... )
(If you get sued, it's your own fault.)


We're thinking about making a deal with the shrine maiden in the shrine
It must be hard living off only the revenue from their donations box
We're feeling out a merger and acquisition with the shrine maiden
These days, even the shrine needs to have personality to last in Gensokyo
(It helps that they're the only one!) (Oooh)

税金逃れお手の物 これ遊惰な金隠し

If we fool with the border of profit and loss, we'll profit too much and get in trouble
Tax evasion is our specialty, an indolent financing-away
(Oh, that's pretty clever.)

目指すのよ業界No.1 お客様?何様? (う~ボーダー商事!)

Let our charismatic president pull your livelihood out of a border
Aim for #1 in the business world! What is your pleasure, our customers? (Border Inc.!)

スキマにはお仕事てんこ盛り ゆかり社長に休みなし
目指すのよベターな幻想ライフ 私たちのビジョン

We've got loads of work to do at the border. President Yukari has no time to rest
Aim for a better fantasy life! That is our vision

「あ~ 働くのも飽きたわ~ さ、定時退社よ」

(Well, that's enough work ... time to go home!)
(Wait, Madame President, please leave through the front door ... )